In the terminology of Go, a Tesuji is "a clever play", a skillful move, or a special tactic where a player exerts his or her ability to "read ahead". This pretty much summarizes our philosophy. We think out of the box with a hacker-mindset to provide creative and subtle software solutions to your business problems; typically by making various technologies work together.


Instead of becoming an "all-in-one" generalist, Tesuji insists on being the "best-of-breed", focusing on a limited but highly specialized set of services. We do what we know best, and we do it well.

We limit the number of simultaneous projects to make sure that our high quality standards are met. In our culture, a small number of extremely good projects is preferred over a large number of mediocre projects.

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Technical SAP integration is the heart and soul of Tesuji. We have a vast experience in integrating SAP with 3rd party hardware and software.

Integrating technologies requires integrated mindsets. Hybrid people with diverse skills are rare, but they are the best integrators. We "are" those people.

Our toolbox includes, but is not limited by, ABAP, .NET, Java; as well as Android + IOS platforms.

SAP - Hardware integration samples: Weigh-bridges, production automation systems, IPTV broadcasts, touchscreen + kiosks, handheld terminals, mobile devices, barcoding + label printers, Apple devices.

SAP - Software integration samples: Primavera, Lotus Notes, OpenText, Oracle I-Learning, custom ActiveX in SAPGUI, databases, ad-hoc apps.


Our services include SAP development as well. We use the latest SAP technologies in a modular and clean approach to provide you the best quality in terms of simplicity, functionality, performance and technical competence.

We don't transport our developments before "we" feel satisfied with them. And we also enjoy documenting what we did for you.

Our toolbox includes, but is not limited by: ABAP, Object Oriented ABAP, SAP Workflow, BSP, Web Dynpro and SAP Portal.

Our functional experience covers FI, CO, MM, SD, PP, PS, HR, DMS, QM, PM and PPM modules.

Software Architecture

Do you have your own developers, but need expert help for process analysis and software architecture for your complex requirements? You can trust us in preparing the perfect specification for you, where the requirement, resources, user profile, time constraints and costs are considered and time-proven design patterns are used.

Technical Leadership

Large scaled SAP projects typically have a team of programmers and a long list of development requirements. Let us do the micro- and macro-management of the requirements, analysis, resources and scheduling.

We will make sure that requirements ship in time and work as intended. They will also cumulatively match the global strategy and goals of your digital transformation process.


We also provide technical trainings upon request; especially on ABAP topics. Want to train your programmers in ABAP? Want to provide technical skills to your power users? Need a workshop on an advanced topic? Let us help.
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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is much more than going paperless and it goes well beyond technology. It involves re-designing your business; from strategy to people + operations. If designed correctly; digital transformation can increase the flow and transparency of data, speed of processes, automation of repetitive tasks; and also decrease costs.

Tell us about your business model, and let us invent digital transformation models. We will take care about the architecture, integration, development, documentation and trainings.
You will be making better and smarter decisions.
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Dr. Kerem Koseoglu is a senior SAP software architect, working professionally since 2000. He participated countless international and local projects as technical lead, software architect, project manager and coder. His most significant hands-on experience revolves around SAP related complex business applications; usually integrated in external hardware or software.

In his former career, he worked for Cozumevi (Turkey) and Capgemini (Germany). He wrote and published countless articles and 5 books; including the latest SAP Press release Design Patterns in ABAP Objects. In his free time, he is an active bass player and yoga practitioner. You can visit his personal Website at :


Here is a list of his former work, partially implemented during his time in Çözümevi & Capgemini: